August 9th, 2010: Lanie Windlow

I’ve made it through what is, my personal hell. At exactly 6:30 My alarm went off, the alarm that since last month has started to sound like a dying cow. At exactly 7:30 my best friend dropped her kid on me, forcing me to drop her off to kindergarten on my way to school, which made me late, as all the children go back for their first day it’s just another endless day of work and class for me. I have OCD and insomnia, that’s the only thing people notice about me in second life and real life as well when they first meet me.This day every year makes my life worse than the year before, with OCD comes the yearn for everything to be organized. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is ever organized for me today which leaves me mentally pulling all my hair out and putting a wig on and then repeating, Kind of like lather rinse repeat?

Second life is where I force myself to be the wild child I’ve always meant to be, I’m more than used to be banned from sims and hiding at my home location. It’s the only place that doesn’t care if I blame it for when my tooth brush isn’t in the right spot or when my door isn’t completely open or completely shut.

Second life is the only place where I can pretend I’m not OCD to the 10,00th value, and where I can be crazy and not care at all…Or you know when I feel like going bald and naked around the grid for a day. As off 9.6.10 I will be two years old on second life and for the most part second life has changed me, how I think, and how I do things. I’ve met a few people in real life and more than anything enjoyed the real interaction I got from someone who only 2 days before had been pixels. Second life is my not crazy me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Lanie Windlow currently resides in red neck central Cumming, Georgia. She aspires to become the next pop princess but until then she pretends people actually read her blog . She loves to be cruel to people by ignoring most of their IMs and pretending her real life is actually way more interesting than her second.


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