August 11th, 2010: Arlana GossipGirl – Cont’d

A lot has changed in the last three months, and a lot is still changing. Not only did I graduate and finish my internship, as of August 2, I officially became a Master’s Level Social Worker. Being able to sign MSW after my name for the first time was definitely up there in the top five best moments of my life so far.

So tonight, like every night this week, I am at my computer looking for my “grown up job”, as my boss jokingly refers to it, in New Jersey. Why New Jersey? That’s simple. That’s where Rutgers University is located. One year from now, I hope to be preparing for law school at Rutgers, but for now, I am moving up there to establish residency. Hey, I am young, I am not tied down, why not pack up and move across country alone? It is probably the most terrifying and exciting thing I have ever done.

To prepare, I have started to develop a list of things I am going to do the first night I am alone:

  • I will Skype call Kaira, Kissez4u and Chillatrix from my couch to squeal out my excitement (because who else would I share this with than my three best friends in the world) after I get ready for bed and am in my t-shirt and underwear and I wont have to go to another room to avoid the loud blaring of a television
  • I will open a window!!!!!!!!!!
  • I will take my shoes off just inside my front door, and when I wake up in the morning, they won’t be hidden under blankets in the linen closet we haven’t used in 12 years
  • I will put my stuff down anywhere I want and I wont clean it up until I feel like it! (Okay, so I probably will, because lets face it, I am as OCD as my dad…but the sentiment is there!)
  • I will buy groceries and NOT have to write my name on them before putting them away
  • I will put my toilet paper on “the wrong way”

Oh yeah, I have BIG dreams!


Arlana Gossipgirl still lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with her parents, but not for much longer. She works as a case aide at a shelter for children that have been adjudicated deprived, spending part of her time with psych services doing case management and the rest training her replacement for assistant volunteer coordinator. She still doesn’t log into SL much, except when her friends make her.

Arlana’s previous post was on May 8th, 2010.


5 Responses to “August 11th, 2010: Arlana GossipGirl – Cont’d”

  1. kissezandtrix Says:

    I love you so hard. Dunno why, but yet again you have brought tears to my eyes. You honestly deserve the best life has to offer, and that will not happen until you take this step, which will take you far!!!


  2. Arlana GossipGirl Says:

    I love you more!!! You guys are my strength and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the smiles you guys bring to my face everyday!!! You are the calm in the chaos that is my life!

  3. Lenka Tiratzo Says:

    Congratulations Arlana:) In a month I hope I will get the same degree as you have now. It is always such a satisfaction for me to see someone being in the same field and giving it the appreciation that it deserves:)
    Good luck in your future and again gratz,)

  4. Thorgal Says:

    lol.. I so understand your toiletpaper statement ;-)
    (nice article, good luck!)

  5. Arlana GossipGirl Says:

    Lenka – Well congrats to you too!!! Ours is the most underrated profession out there!

    And thank you both!!

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