August 13th, 2010: Sanura Snowpaw

Today was a day like any other but I  felt this cloud over the day that  I could not seem to get rid of nor could I bring myself to discuss it beyond the simple “A year ago today I lost my cousin to brain cancer.”

Kneesa decided four hours was enough sleep for me this morning, so I groggily took them both outside. I’m glad I didn’t lock myself outside again. It was already hot and sticky outside at only 9 am. We came inside after sniffing the entire yard for any hidden message that might have been left for them, I fed them breakfast and Kassie looked at me like something was missing so I grabbed a scoop of ice cubes and she happily dove into the bowl to fish one out and tossed it around. When she became bored with  one, she crunched it away and started again.

I watched her for a few rounds as I reflected on life and loss and shed a few tears, but Kneesa & Kassie came over to attack me with kisses to let me know they are there for me. I giggled, wiped my tears away and remembered life must move on.

I  sat down at the computer and logged in to all my favorite sites, my friends made me smile a bit more. I then moved onto my email to see if there was anything that required my immediate attention, than I checked the main spread sheet for Wear Gray. I started Wear Gray as a way to hopefully bring more awareness to brain cancer after losing my cousin last year.  What I never knew was how much it would bring into my life. Also it has taught me how to move forward and showed me that one person can make a difference.

I’m yawning so I think I will curl up for a nap before I take on the second half of my day.


Sanura Snowpaw is a self admitted Plurk addict that lives in Northern Lower Michigan and spends her days playing with pixels and chasing her zoo of 2 dogs, 2 cats & a bunny around the house. She owns a small virtual shop named *Dreams* and organizes Wear Gray.


6 Responses to “August 13th, 2010: Sanura Snowpaw”

  1. Dan Says:

    I met you once on SL and a year ago this month I lost my fiancee to brain cancer. I really am proud of you (even though I don’t really know you) for what you are doing, it takes a very strong person to keep up such a fight as Wear Gray.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Hopefully someday there will be a cure and no one will have to go through the pain that our loved ones, and we, went through.

    • Sanura Snowpaw Says:

      I remember talking with you Dan. Your story touched me in so many ways. I’m proud to be able to do what I can for all the people still suffering and hopefully we will find some answers and a cure.


  2. Starfire Silverstar Says:

    Sanu you totally rock sweetie!!! Keep doing what you do because you really DO make a difference!! I’m very proud and honored to call you a friend and OMG those babies are CUU-UUTE!!! Love ya!
    Xxxses N Hugz!!!

  3. Sanura Snowpaw Says:

    *hugs* thank you Star <3

  4. Ariel Wingtips Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I marked this to read later and finally read today. My condolences for your loss. Although I saw this posted on plurk previously, I had been waiting until a day where I felt strong enough to read it, I had a feeling we would have similar experience.

    I lost my brother in law to brain cancer November 2008 just before Thanks Giving. I still dream that he is alive, I still cry a lot we were close, he left a wife and three children. His seemingly common but usually intense headache and stomach pains turned into a visit to emergency room… and unbelievably, the same day he was on life support, we lost him less than 2 weeks later, due to late stage brain cancer. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly. I only wish there were some way it could have been detected earlier and that maybe he would have had a chance and that things could have been different. In the past, I wanted to participate in your fundraiser, but couldn’t bring myself to think about it because the loss and the aftermath still felt so huge. Now that I am ready to deal with it, hopefully through your Wear Gray initiative we can give back and bring some hope for others.

    Thanks again for doing what you do. I wish you great strength and grace to get through all the preparation and execution for this event and hopefully, your heart will continue to heal a little more each day as you continue to reach out to others. I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you for stepping out of your pain to step up in courage and organize this great event.

    • Sanura Snowpaw Says:


      I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine having to deal with it all in such a short time frame. We were very lucky that it was caught early but even so we always knew his time with us was limited. When he was given the option to have his first surgery it was do it and live possibly another 10 years or not and live for another 6 months. He chose to fight and for that I shall always admire him.

      I do hope you are able to join us this year for Wear Gray not only to help out others but I have found it also has helped me learn and heal as well and I hope it can do the same for you.

      You are welcome to come and talk to me privately also if there is anything I can do to help I will do it.


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