August 14th, 2010: Suti Capalini

My birthday was yesterday. In comparison to 2008’s birthday, this one was better by a landslide. Two years ago, I did absolutely nothing. I wasn’t in the best place, both physically and mentally.

The day after was more significant than my actual birthday. I was coming home from purchasing my gift to me from me, a half dozen doughnuts and iced coffee, when I came to an intersection that lead to a park where I was going to consume my belated birthday confections. As I was crossing, a car hit me. My first car accident. Happy belated birthday to me.

I came home in a sort of delirium, and called my mom, and was instructed on what to do. The car accident itself didn’t change me, oddly enough, but the paperwork and things I had to do to take care of it did. I felt like then, I really grew up, and it wasn’t a thing I fantasized about doing anymore.

Today, two years later, I was surrounded by the people that love me, both in RL and SL. I came home at 3 PM with a light hangover from clubbing the night before, and had an early belated birthday dinner at 5PM at my favorite restaurant. We laughed so much, on the car ride there, at the restaurant, and when we came home.

In SL, I saw Vintage’s Victim show today at 6PM SLT, where he presented me with a cake and an uncut penis hovering next to my face after the show. When I got home, I saw my boyfriend, Nezha, had rezzed an adorable stuffed bear with “To Pumpkin, Happy Birthday! Love Boo Bear” written on it. I wanted him so badly to log in so I could virtually hug him, but I think I can wait until later tonight to do so.

I’m surrounded by so many lovely people this year. Sincere people. People I can see as my friends many more years from now. I didn’t have coffee or doughnuts, but I did have a wonderful day.


Suti Capalini is the owner of Glitterati Gay Poses. He is a photographer, builder, and a Go-Go at Club Nine. He is a  twenty years old college student with Advertising as his major, and a brother among four boys. He came from deep southern Texas. He has a semi unhealthy obsession for Heidi Montag.


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