August 17th, 2010: Gamp Lane

Today is a Tuesday and I’m expecting it to be pretty boring.  I have the exterminator coming for a routine service call later today and otherwise it’s just the usual… rise and shine, take out my two dogs and settle into Second Life.  Normally I might be preparing to model in a fashion show or a photo shoot, but we are in the summer doldrums so it’s very quiet right now.

On May 10th, 2007 I was watching the local news and some lady was talking about Second Life.  She said it was addictive, so naturally I had to go look. I’ve pretty much immersed myself fully into SL. I’m inworld probably 12 to 14 hours a day and have to force myself to do some Real Life things like pay attention to my family.  No, I’m not ignoring them, I basically live alone. But when I talk to anyone now, my frame of reference is SL so they must accept that I will be speaking about all I am doing as Gamp.

I was married in RL, but had to divorce my husband when he developed OCD and began being abusive. I have had numerous male friends and boyfriends in SL, and only one Partner.  Consequently I am not looking for another RL relationship, and I don’t seem to be able to do it successfully in SL either.

I have learned many things in SL, and in some cases just reinforced something I already knew but had not internalized.  We are all looking for the brass ring, reaching for something to make us feel valuable. I have worked hard to be a top model, and I have succeeded, but I’m still not happy… which sounds crazy, because there are many who would love to be in my stilettos.  If you think about it, none of it means anything without friends and someone to love who loves you back.  So sure, by all means look for that pot of gold, but just don’t expect to find happiness there too. If you have watched the lives of famous people, you will note that fame and wealth do not necessarily go hand in hand with happiness in any world.


Gamp Lane lives in the Southwestern United States (Arizona) with her dogs Dash (Poodle) and Misty (Papillon).  Currently unemployed, but may soon go back to Medical Transcription work.  She is just an average White female who enjoys movies, exercise and occasional lunches with friends…and of course SL.


2 Responses to “August 17th, 2010: Gamp Lane”

  1. Summer Deadlight Says:

    *HUG* <3 well I for one am glad to know you Miss Gamp Lane! Love your two 3-6-5!

  2. Chalice Carling Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your 365 Gamp. Very wise words.

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