August 18th, 2010: JamieJo Myoo

The amount of times I’ve now backspaced this first line is going to kill me so I’m just going to leave it and see what comes out. My day today is surely going to be one of the longest days ever. I know this post is meant to be about today, Wednesday the 18th August but so much of today for me is influenced by tomorrow as it going to be one of the scariest days. The reason for this is that I will find out if all my hard work from the last 2 years in school has paid off to give me the right grades to be able to go and study at University. This really is the make or break day of my future to me as I’ve already failed at trying to achieve the right grades once two years ago so gaining the right ones tomorrow means practically everything to me. I’m so unbelievably nervous to read that tiny piece of paper it seems so silly.

SL has been the backbone of my motivation and support to keep going through all the hard times of the past few years. Particularly with the ups and downs of my RL and especially the relationship I have with my RL parents, which isn’t a very good one but I guess no family is perfect either. If it wasn’t for some of the most amazing people I’ve met in SL I wouldn’t have been able to keep strong and carry on. They were there for me when I made the decision to move out from my parents home over 2 years ago but they were also there supporting me when I’d decided to move back home again almost 9 months ago. Without their support I can honestly say I don’t actually know where I would be today. I’m so blessed, lucky and proud to call each of them not just an SL friend but a true RL friend as well.

I have no idea what grades to expect tomorrow when I’ll tear open an envelope which will reveal the direction of my future; I just pray it will be the right ones.


JamieJo Myoo is a 20 year old student who is hoping to study economics and lives in the south east of England. She plays SL as a 5 year old kid av with the best ever family and friends anyone could wish for. She also has a slight shopping addiction and enjoys blogging for Cosmic Scribbles.


3 Responses to “August 18th, 2010: JamieJo Myoo”

  1. Suti Capalini Says:

    Whatever grades you get, it doesn’t change that you’re an awesome girl. :)

    Great post, JJ! <3

  2. Meila Solo Says:

    Good luck !!!

  3. Francii Loxely Says:

    And…you did awesome. Congrats hubby <3 I knew you could do it

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