August 22nd, 2010: Anastasia Trefusis

Today is the one year anniversary of a very special place in SL.
One year ago today a small group of friends rented some cheap mainland land and decided to build a little neighbourhood in the sky.

We made it as beautiful as we could on megaprim platforms, and we called it Dork Street. After a while we made a group to make it easier to chat together.

Over the past year, Dork Street has grown from 8 little 1024 plots stitched together, to 40 plots, still joined together a little awkwardly, still built on megaprim platforms in the sky. The group has grown from 5 original members to 46.

It may not look like much to those who have huge parcels on islands or homesteads. But to me, it is the most beautiful place in SL. It was built on a whim, but has survived because those megaprim platforms have their foundations anchored in friendship. There are many more people in the group than live on Dork St, but every one of them is there because of what Dork St represents.

Every one of them is incredibly special, beautiful, interesting, funny. I had no idea that you could care so much for people you only knew through Second Life. I didn’t believe in internet friendships. And yet I love them all. I care about the people behind the avatars, and I know that they care about me. That’s an amazing thing, and a testament to what Second Life can be.

My name is Anastasia Trefusis, and although my avatar will be three this November, my Second Life truly began one year ago today. I am proud to call myself a Dork. I am so proud of the community we have built together.


Anastasia Trefusis s a RL stay at home Mum living on the west coast of Canada. In Second Life she owns Estetica along with AshleePSU Snoodle, Litzi Xue and Gin Amiot, 3 amazing Dorks. When not making poses, building or doing silly things with her friends, she blogs at


8 Responses to “August 22nd, 2010: Anastasia Trefusis”

  1. Ashe Anthony Says:

    I am so so glad that Dork Street has survived one year and that I was invited to be part of something so special and great as this.

    Ana, you are such a great friend, and I see no better place to be called home than Dork Street :)

  2. Litzi Xue Says:

    LOVE YOU ANA! Thank you for everything! You’re an awesome friend and store partner. Yay Dork Street :) Happy Anniversary!

  3. Neva Seljan Says:

    best place in sl! :D
    all of you are awesome!!!

  4. Wrenja Czaczkes Says:


    totally best place in SL. Without question.

  5. Meila Solo Says:

    Ana! <3333 Happy Anniversary dorkettes! Thanks for the wonderful memories you guys have given me!! I love you all.

  6. Valletta GossipGirl Says:

    I’m so glad to be a part of this group! <33

  7. Mai Moonwall Says:

    Thank you Ana!! So happy to be part of the Dork family and getting to know all the talented and inspiring people in dork street ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. silver milneaux Says:

    I HEART YOU SO MUCH ANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dorks <33333333

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