August 24th, 2010: Wesley Arbenolow

Family- A word we often use when describing one of the most important parts of our real lives. For me it never really has been, in fact it has been the opposite of that. For a long time I have felt alone in that department, and it’s an awful empty and heavy feeling. The day I got hired as a Go-Go at BLU Dance bar was a day I will never forget, because it’s the day that I learned the real definition of family.

11/24/09 my father diagnosed with lung cancer. I was in a dark place of anger and depression, torn between this “why do I care” and “no matter what he is still my father” phase. The first place I went to was BLU Dance bar, it instantly hit me that this felt like home. I knew I needed to be a part of it.

This was a rough time in my real life, I had recently cut all my close friends out of my life because I was surrounded by people going no where. I was hurting and didn’t want to be that person left out “without friends” but had to do it if I wanted to get off to school and become successful. With no support from my “family” I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Some of the Go-Go boys at the time quickly took me under their wings and made me part of who I am today.

The two people I really need to thank for this is Divos Titanium and Adham Decuir. Divos has become more to me than a “boss” but more of a friend, someone I feel I can trust and someone who always has my back. Divos has taught me so much about myself and made me a little better in the process. Adham is the leader of this family, the man that gives us all so much and gives me these amazing opportunities.

When I get asked if I keep Second Life and First Life separate, I instantly say no, because without it, I would be without those friends and family that keeps me going when first life can’t.


Wesley Arbenolow is 21 years old living in Chicago (the real Boystown) attending an art school majoring in photography and minoring in graphic design. He practices photography and can be found working at BLU and Week-End on SL.


5 Responses to “August 24th, 2010: Wesley Arbenolow”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Knowing you like I do now I’m proud to say what a good friend you’ve become. I consider myself lucky to know you and I’m proud of who you’ve become. Thanks for sharing something so personal. =)

  2. Elton Davidov Says:

    Thanks Wes, for opening up your real life heart and soul, and helping us to understand you and where you’re coming from, and where you wanna go. Hugs!!

  3. Rocky Says:

    Each person we meet in-world and out has a story. When we share our story we both grow “with” each other. Thanks for sharing yours. (cozy)

  4. Jake Says:

    It’s evident you’ve met a lot of amazing people who have welcomed you in to their lives, first and second. But acceptance and family are earned. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you fill a need for all of the people you’ve touched as well (he he). In the short time I’ve known you I’ve come to realize that you are a smart, funny, genuinely good person, with something positive to offer the world, especially your friends. Great post, don’t know why you worried about it so much.

  5. Divos Titanium Says:

    Wes, it has truly been awesome getting to know you this year – you have definitely made your mark! Thank you for always being there and listening to our multitude of issues. You are a great friend, despite being a twinkie!!! :) XOXO

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