August 25th, 2010: Bette Bodenhall

I signed up for this quite a while ago. I was adamant about choosing August the 25th. I checked the schedule with paranoid thoughts in my head and saying to myself, “If I can’t get the 25th, then I just can’t do it.” Much to my relief, the date was free, and I signed up for it knowing exactly what I wanted to say, and how. I knew that I wanted to be able to publicly express what today means to me, and why still, ten years later, it still manages to cause a significant amount of heartache. Yet it is August the 25th, well into the afternoon, and I don’t know what to say, nor what it is that I want to say. I am battling with the fear of revealing something that I should not be ashamed of—it was not my fault, after all, and is now no more than a memory—but that to this day makes me feel nervous, and upset, and feeling as if I am chained down and being waterboarded.

I am a girl who has lived a majority of her life with rose-colored glasses on. The world, as I perceived it, was beautiful, and sweet, kind and understanding. The people? The same. The world, as I saw it, was a place in which fairy tales could come true, prince (or princess) charming did exist, and fairy godmothers often blessed us all with granted wishes. And yet, in spite of all the damage, as the Be Good Tanyas would say, I still very much believe it all: Fairy tales can come true. The world is beautiful. Society is kind and understanding. Wishes can come true. Life, regardless of how difficult it is at times, IS BEAUTIFUL. Fairy tales, beauty, love, care, excitement, art. Those things all exist outside of SL as well. If we look over our lives close enough, it’s all there, in our real lives.

Ten years ago today, my father died of AIDs. He was a kind man. He made the world beautiful. He is what keeps me believing in fairy tales.

I guess I really did know what to say all along.


Bette Bodenhall is a northeastern girl, USA born and raised, and in her early twenties. She attends university. In fact, the school semester begins this coming week. She is quiet, observant, shy, and wants to save lives for a living. She will be a doctor one day, and a good one. In Second Life, she breeds Ozimal bunnies, shops far too much—fatpack is a color!—and manages Glitterati. She owes her sanity to Dain Rexen, her boyfriend in both lives. He keeps her believing in fairy tales, too.


7 Responses to “August 25th, 2010: Bette Bodenhall”

  1. Thorgal McGillivary Says:

    Beautiful piece of text.
    And just to let you, you’re right: fairy tales can come true

  2. Bayly Baxton Says:

    This is amazing. Bette you are a true inspiration to everyone! <3

  3. Francii Loxely Says:

    <33 Lovly post Betters

  4. ~~Sunshine~~ Says:

    Beautifully inspiring post… :)

  5. Lenka Tiratzo Says:

    Very wonderfuly written Bette. Thank you for sharing your touching story of the life you´re living and thank you for the hope you are giving in it as well:) I can tell your post is one of the ones here that touched me a lot and left me thinking a bit about life.
    Good luck in your future life

  6. Maria Says:

    beautiful piece of text.
    and just to let you, you’re right: fairy tales can come true

  7. Katey Coppola Says:

    Love is true.
    Fairy tales are real.
    You are beautiful.


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