August 26th, 2010: Matthew Anthony

When I originally signed up to write today, I had no clue that I’d be where I am now.  As I write this, I’m on Interstate 20, somewhere between Abilene and Dallas, Texas going to a family wedding that is tomorrow.  That’s a far cry from where I expected to be: my apartment in the New York City area, working like I would be on any normal Thursday.  The start of today was closer to what I expected, though: celebration.

You see, one year ago today, one of my best friends who I met through Second Life in 2004 (Grim Hathor) and I let a crazy idea that we had back in 2006 out into the wilds of Second Life as the Petable Turtles. We had absolutely no clue what was going to happen, except that we were having fun doing it.  In fact, it took a lot of teamwork for us to step far enough out of our comfort zones to make it that far.  One year later, we’re still having fun every day.  To us, that’s what Second Life is all about, and what first life should be about as well.

Do I wish I was sitting in my apartment typing this rather than in the middle of absolutely nowhere, driving through towns so small their population isn’t even posted?  Sure.  But today is a day to celebrate the friends we have and the family we love in both our first and second lives.  I’m thankful every day for the friendship that Grim and I have built through Second Life over the past 6 years and for how he pushes me to be better at everything we do together.


Matthew Anthony (on the right in the photo) is a 24 year old who lives in Hoboken, New Jersey but is at heart a west Texas boy.  He considers himself lucky to have the amazing group of friends that he has met through Second Life, and enjoys every day that he spends with them. Along with his long-time friend Grim Hathor (on the left in the photo), Matthew created the Petable Turtles, Second Life’s oldest actively-developed breedable pet.


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