August 27th, 2010: Tuli Asturias

After a sleepless night, I got into my car at 8 AM today to drive to the nearest airport in order to pick up my boyfriend for a long weekend visit.

And just like the other times during this 45-minute trip, I was reminding myself how lucky I am.
If you have the high standards for a partner that I have, it’s near impossible to find someone who you can imagine spending your entire life with. I was once called a “pathetic idiot with unrealistic standards” and laughed at in my face by a (now former) SL friend.

I wanted nothing less than a knight in shining armour. I wanted him to be intelligent, considerate, principled, funny, and above all, to consider me the most important thing in his life and be willing and able to show it.
Apparently that was too tall an order. But I damn well deserved it.

After playing the dating game in real life including 3 failed relationships, and a few failed attempts through Second Life, I became rather disillusioned. I started to push all men away. As soon as it looked like all the effort only came from me, I was gone. I couldn’t handle another failure.

I told myself, only the one who will actually NOT let me go so easily, would fight tooth and nail to turn me back, would get a chance now.

And so it happened that this man from England won my heart, by continuously showing me how important I was to him, how much he needed me in his life, even though I was pushing him away for the longest time.
He’s also everything else I asked for, and I want to take this opportunity to show him how important HE is to ME, though I remind him every day anyway.

I love you, Rob.

(The picture above is my funny, cheeky, adorable, cheeseburger-loving grandma kitty. Totally unrelated, I know. But she is just too cute not to get some exposure!)


Tuli Asturias is a 35-year-old woman, living in The Netherlands. She loves animals, nature, the colour pink, pretty things, science fiction and gaming. Rumoured to be a borderline emo-geek-hermit with creative tendencies and a hefty disappointment in humanity.


One Response to “August 27th, 2010: Tuli Asturias”

  1. Thorgal McGillivary Says:

    Mooi verhaal Tuli!

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