August 28th, 2010: Glamouramama Boa

Morning: I woke up early today as the sun blazed through my undressed bedroom window, the high 70’s low humidity sending a signal to my brain to tell my mouth to actually smile as I opened my eyes. This is dreamy weather and a rare August temperature in Joisey, so for once I actually did not mind waking up to face my list of duties for the day.  It’s tough for me to get up these days, depression is a real whore of a disorder. But today, it was not difficult.

Late Morning: Laundry & Dishes.  I love laundry.  I hate dishes. Guess which one I actually finished.

Afternoon Delight:  Time to Plurk and cuddle with my two adorably odd cats.  Trace needs someone to write a 2365 entry today? Sure, I like helping out!

Late Afternoon: Tried to unpack some boxes left over from moving back in March but got distracted by something shiny.  My house is finally the way I want it, still a tad disorganized, but just fine for the 19-year-old student house mate to arrive today and move the all pink decor into her room.  This is what it would be like if I had a daughter…or a VERY gay son. I would love to have a huge house full of college students who 1. aren’t assholes and 2. know how to enjoy life whilst thirsting for knowledge. Then again, I also think I’d make a great Madame.

Early Evening: My sister helped me finish painting.  I am fortunate that I not only love, but like my sister.  We talked about the mess of chronic health issues and alcoholism that is our family, laughed uncontrollably over nonsense, then walked to the 24-hour diner where we discovered a new menu addition that made my year, nay, my life…63 different omelets!  This was turning out to be the best trip to the diner yet.  But wait, there’s more!  Our waitress looked like Jessica Alba and the owner referred to me as a “regular” and brought us free pie.  Could life get any better? I am not sure I could stand it if it does.


Glamouramama Boa is a 3 y/o buxom fiery haired avid nudist and ex-pornographer turned pose maker in world, and a 31 y/o buxom brunette ex-audio and video editor turned college library assistant and p/t massage therapist in the real world. She spends her days outside of work tending to the needs of her recently purchased retro 1940’s cottage NJ home, drinking wine and making poses or other fun creative things for SL, and not updating her store blog regularly (  She is also well on her way to being the neighborhood’s crazy cat lady.


3 Responses to “August 28th, 2010: Glamouramama Boa”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Wonderful piece of writing! So many reasons that you are an amazing woman. Truly. <3 ya!

  2. Noor Says:

    Dudette… love love all and your house looks mighty cozy, is there some RL/ SL Cribs coming?

  3. September 24th, 2010: Glamouramama Boa – Cont’d « Two Three Six Five Says:

    […] Glamouramama’s previous post was on August 28th, 2010. […]

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