August 29th, 2010: Addison Mortlock (Cont’d)

Today started out as any other day. Ran some errands and was able to stop and see a long time friend for a few minutes. Returned home and logged into SL and spent some time with friends. I was feeling refreshed and loved – dare I say happy even.

Then… I was rudely reminded that I had not turned the virus protection back on when our new internet service was installed.  We have two computers in our family: my laptop, which is not to be touched by anyone for any reason (except perhaps saving it if our home was on fire) and the pc. I pay scant attention to the pc unless another family member needs to show me something or to peek over the 9 year old’s shoulder to make sure he is safe.  I wandered past it and noticed it had a malware program and sat down to update and run the virus program.

Long story short, I had to reformat and lost everything. Thousands of pictures, tax returns, important passwords, you name it – it is gone. You know all of those times you stopped and thought “I should backup my data.” And didn’t? Do it now.

I spent the last few hours of my day crying. Sobbing and wailing for the history that has been lost for my family. You see, a few years ago I lost all hard copies of pictures of my children when I ended a friendship and she kept them as “spoils of war” when I moved home.

I am bereft.


Addison Mortlock is a 41yr old from Ohio bartender, mother, grandmother and wife in her first life and a real pain in the butt in her second life. As the co-owner and marketing manager for A-BOMB, she lives to force her business partners to refine each product before it is released.

Addison’s previous post was on June 20th, 2010.


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