August 31st, 2010: Shelly Toonie

The last day of August is always a bit melancholy for me.
You see, I always tend to use the beginning of the school year as a marker. I know many people use New Years Day as one of the important markers in their life. “It’s a New Year; did I accomplish all I meant to?”
Not me. It’s always been the August, the end of summer, the beginning of the school year. Even though I’m long past my school days, that continues to be my time of reflection.

As I put away the flip-flops and sunscreen, I ponder the previous 365 days. I pull out the sweaters and the fuzzy socks while mentally making plans in the calendar for what needs to be done this year, what I might have overlooked, and how I can attack my goals for the coming year.

I go through the closets in the house and the closets in my mind at the same time. Sliding the drawers shut on the past season’s clothing and shutting the drawers on my shortcomings. As I sort through my daughter’s school and dance papers, I make new promises to myself. This year, I’ll be organized. This year, I’ll sign up for a class for myself when I’m planning her activities.

This year, I actually followed through and signed up for a class. Even though I’m well past my school days, I’m not too old to keep learning.


Shelly Toonie, owner of Moonshine Designs in Second Life,  is the virtual representative for Michelle.
Michelle is a caffeine addicted, mostly introverted, often sarcastic, quiet troublemaker, happily embracing my redneckedness in central North Carolina.


2 Responses to “August 31st, 2010: Shelly Toonie”

  1. kesseret Says:

    Both Shelly and Michelle are awesome! School year is the same for me. <3

  2. shelly toonie Says:

    @Kess–I’ve been hanging around you enough for some of your awesomes to rub off

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