September 1st, 2010: Lalo Telling

It’s a week before Rosh Hashana, and I’m building a megachurch.  Funny thing about that… I built a synagogue (see above) because, as a Jew, I was feeling a bit outnumbered architecturally, anyway.  There must be hundreds of churches in SL, even if most of them aren’t used for worship.  Synagogues?  That I know of, three inworld and none at all in InWorldz, where I spend almost all of my virtual existence now… until I built one.  Since my partner and I are in the “prefab” business, the schul (Yiddish for synagogue) is listed in our ads, even though I don’t intend to sell it inworld I intend to give it to the first serious Jewish congregation that approaches me about it.

So… Along come this guy, who’s the pastor for an InWorldz Christian group (I think he’s got a group in SL, too).  He takes a good long look, then offers me a 2-part commission: two variations each of three house designs, so his group can live communally on his sim, and then a church. A biiiiiig church; he’s got a 60 x 60 parcel set aside for it in the center of the sim.  He hands me a photo a friend of his got from Google and says, “I want it to look like that.”

So that’s what I’m doing: preparing for the “Days of Awe” between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur by building God another house.  Think what you will about messiahs (whether one has already come, or not), or whether I shouldn’t have taken the commission based on what “his people” have done in the past to “my people”… feh.  God is God is God, call him or her by one name, or many, or not at all.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be asked to build a mosque.  I’d like that.  I’ll learn a lot.


Lalo Telling is a blogger about virtuality, and an avid (some have said obsessed) photographer of the people and places he sees there.  His current project “Seconderth (a deep map)” chronicles each of the sims that existed on SL’s Opening Day (June 23, 2003).  He also reviews and edits short fiction for the online publication TQR: Total Quality Reading.


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