September 2nd, 2010: Aya Liotta

I’ve spent a good part of the last three years in a world of make-believe… or is it? My days on a grid of virtual content has had its ups and downs and I have taken my fair share of breaks from the days of Second Life, but I always come back. So as I wrote this I thought about what makes me, stay. Is it the content? The beautiful shoes, hairs, and clothes? The belief that anything is possible? The ability to fly? No, I do not believe that is the reason. The reason I log on every night snuggled up in my blanket and PJ’s is the amazing people and friends I have made here that have kept me a resident. I have made friends that will be my friends always, carried over from the virtual to reality. I love each and every quirky one of them.

Approaching my third, breaking-out-the-walker Rezday here in Second Life, I’ve learned so many things. I’ve learned that I can have friends in Japan, Italy and England and we can all go watch a movie with popcorn. I’ve learned to value friendships more than I thought was possible. I’ve learned that your heart can as be broken and mended, sometimes more so in a virtual world than a real world.  I’ve learned that, each day brings a new tomorrow and the ability to dream can always become a reality.

As much as I love all my friends and the fun times hanging out and exploring we have together, building homes has become a true passion for me. Building, allows me to relax, have fun and be creative. I think my most happy moment was opening my home store. It really means a lot to me and the kind, caring things customers tell me truly make my day.

So, I suppose I will ask you, yes you, reading this short little blurb of eclectic thoughts, “Do you believe this is a world of make-believe? My response is “No.”


Aya Liotta owns a little home shop called –abode-.  She spends most of her days fiddling with house plans and drinking sweet tea, while Plurking. Behind the scenes, she’s just a 23 year old Boston girl living by the beach in Florida. She has 2 dogs and a love for reading books. She enjoys singing, dancing, and the performing arts. She wakes up every morning smiling, because every day is a new day; she believes in living it to the fullest.


One Response to “September 2nd, 2010: Aya Liotta”

  1. Meila Solo Says:

    Auntie Aya ♥ NOW I find out you were from Boston… fail.

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