September 3rd, 2010: Bunny Blindside

Today wasn’t special for me – the date isn’t significant. It’s simply 2 months to the day since I signed up to participate in this project. I figured something would happen in those 2 months, something amazing and exciting and I would have something thrilling to talk about.

Hah. Well, life happened, anyway. Physically, I am still where I was 2 months ago. Emotionally, well, I am definitely somewhere else, my brain is on a different track. I have loved, and I have lost. I have made new friends and lost some old ones. I’ve made peace (mostly) with my current real life situation, and only through my renewed interest in Buddhism has that been possible.

Today, I woke up. I stumbled out of bed into a quiet house – my parents were gone, to the doctor in Hollywood for one of my dad’s cancer treatments. I poured a diet coke over ice and gave the cats some food, then took a shower. Next I hopped on plurk and while sipping my delicious frosty beverage, I planned a blog post and chatted with some online friends.

[I want to interject here how important my SL and Plurk friends are to me – I’m not good at showing it but holy shit you guys. You are my world right now. Thank you.]

Eventually I got dressed, and headed to the store for a great deal on more diet coke. Addict much? You betcha! I also bought bananas for my stepmom because I had noticed she was running low. Ice cream was on sale. And a little pot of grass for my indoor kitties to nom.

I came home and put together a blog post. I plurked some more. I dreaded writing this, because I felt like I had failed – failed myself and failed potential readers by not having something better to impart. Some tragic story or epic adventure.

Sadly no, it’s just this, just regular ordinary everyday life. Nothing special. But it’s mine, I’m alive. And maybe, just maybe, that is what I needed to take away from this, to learn. That I’m alive, and That’s Something.

I’m still here.


Bunny Blindside lives in sunny Southern California. In SL she likes to shop, spend time with her friends, and start tons of projects she’ll never finish. In WoW she makes the green bars go right. IRL, she doesn’t have a clue. Occasionally, she blogs here: She hopes that one day someone will give her a pony.


6 Responses to “September 3rd, 2010: Bunny Blindside”

  1. Ashe Anthony Says:

    Bunny, I am so glad that you are my neighbor and friend. You are a great gal to know, and fun and also a trooper!

  2. silver milneaux Says:

    bunny, you are sunshine. <3333 loved this post.

  3. Meila Solo Says:

    <333 Love you ♥ You didn't fail!!! You are just beginning life all over again.

  4. Mai Moonwall Says:

    Very real and moving in the most unpretentious way!

  5. super quickie! « Says:

    […] I also want to mention that my 2365 post was put up today. You can read it here! […]

  6. Starfire Silverstar Says:

    It’s the regular ordinary life stuff that usually proves to be the most interesting! (cozy)

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