September 5th, 2010: Serendipity Xavier – Cont’d

When I chose today to continue my story I knew what I wanted to write and how my day would go.

We’ll take Miss Two to church. It’s Fathers Day here so after that we’ll go eat somewhere. This afternoon we’re watching the Sydney Swans play in a qualifying final. If they win, we’ll cheer. If we
don’t, it’s all over for another season.

My husband travels for work tonight so it’ll just be Miss Two and I for dinner. Hopefully it will be an early night.

Now onto the other stuff.

Ten months ago today I received an offline on an alt which read “You have been ejected from ***”. It doesn’t matter from where. That would just fuel drama. I only mention it at all because
second to a major incident in 2005, it’s been the single most experience altering event of my Second Life.

It made me realise that Second Life is more than a game on a whole other level. I’d really messed up. The stupid thing about it is that I’d known I was doing it and I didn’t stop it. I understand
now the saying “It was a train wreck waiting to happen” because that’s what it was. There is no one else to blame for the lead up to the train wreck but me. At the time I thought there were going
to be permanent casualties.

I’ve grown up since that day. I’d always acknowledge SL was a more than just a game. I’d cried. I’d been angry. I’d hurt people before. But I’d never ripped someone to pieces before. I cried that
day, in front of my colleagues at work, when I realised what I’d done.

This isn’t about making excuses. There are none. It’s not about saying sorry, even though I am. It’s about saying thank you to three amazing people. To B and S, who watched the train wreck and
despite it are still in my life. I owe you my life as it is now.

To my wifey, who held my hand and stopped me crashing and burning. There is no one else I could have held onto through it all, anywhere in the world.


Serendipity Xavier is still living in the real world in Sydney, Australia, as a wife and mother to Miss Two. She’s taken up digital photography as a hobby since she last wrote but isn’t all that good at it. She still manages to log into Second Life once a day but mostly on this av to clear IMs as she’s happily playing her not-so-secret secret alt.

Serendipity’s previous post was on May 10th, 2010.


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