September 8th, 2010: Lourdes Denimore

It’s the end of summer. A season I’ve never been fond of. Growing up it was the end of waves of heat waifing up from the pavement of New York City Streets. The end of the embarrassing season of being the fat girl wearing the bathing suit in summer day camp. The Labor Day ritual of putting away the summer clothes and white church shoes and replacing them with the obligatory catholic school uniform and black shoes.  To wear white shoes after Labor Day was a grievous crime in my old school southern style upbringing.

I laugh to myself as I follow the same ritual today, putting away the summer clothes and the white shoes, though these shoes have never seen the inside of a church.  Even reminding myself that in SL white shoes are a no-no until Easter.  With all the advances in style and technology I still hold on to some of those old school values I learned in my youth.

I’m sure in the world of SL it doesn’t matter what color shoes I wear.  But the second I put on those white shoes in October I know I will hear in my mind, “Good Lord, is she wearing white shoes after Labor Day? Didn’t her momma raise her better?”  Yes Momma you did.

White Shoes, I’ll see you after Easter.


Lourdes Denimore is 36 years old. She is originally from NYC but currently lives in Pennsylvania. She is married, no kids or pets, and she is a government pencil pusher. She loves to read mostly fantasy fiction and paranatural detective novels. Her only hobbies are being a fashionista and blogger in SL and playing World of Warcraft.


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