September 9th, 2010: Bookworm Hienrichs

A fairly frustrating day of work is ended.  Dinner is eaten; dishes washed, dried, and put away.  It’s time for mingled work and play.

More and more, I turn to Second Life–for socialization, or just for something in the background as I work on other things, like this essay.  It’s not something I ever considered would occur when I first started here, three years ago.  I was rather bewildered by it all, even with a friend’s help.  I couldn’t really see how things were made.  Even now, all I’ve ever accomplished of building anything is making a prim, flattening it, and putting an image on it.  I’ve joked that this year, I plan to learn how to make a triangle.  (A sphere will be for the year after–that looks complicated!)

But then I followed that same friend to New Babbage.  And there, possibilities became apparent, in seeing a unified, well-built city, filled with citizens with stories shared and secret.  (How could I turn back, after seeing a monster hand roast and a séance?)  And slowly, I’ve become able to share some stories of my own.

Still.  In both RL and SL, I’m very introverted.  In both lives, I make some small stabs at creative work, especially photography.  In both realms, I do, on occasion, hunger for recognition–for work, for creativity, for anything.

I look around in RL, and see others accomplishing so much more than I. Their work is recognized and applauded, and I wonder if I could ever accomplish anything as good.

I look around in SL, and see others accomplishing so much more than I. I stand in awe and envy of their talent in this very visual medium, and I wonder if I could ever accomplish anything a hundredth as amazing.


In RL, I’m considered indispensible by one department for all the work I do for them.

In SL, I’m considered indispensible by one person for all the event photography I do for her.

That’s not bad.  Not bad at all.


Bookworm Hienrichs resides in the Steampunk city of New Babbage, where she makes a modest living as an event photographer.  Her typist lives in Minnesota, making her modest living working in the records department of a university.  Both are most definitely bookworms. Photographic endeavors, both RL and SL, can be viewed here.


One Response to “September 9th, 2010: Bookworm Hienrichs”

  1. Kghia Says:

    It is nice to see I’m not the only person who only creates single, flat-prim objects for displays after 3 years in SL. :D

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