September 11th, 2010: AlexHayden Junibalya

Nine years ago today, as the world sat watching in disbelief as the events in New York unfolded, my world was changing forever. Because I was in a maternity ward, cradling in my arms.. you, my newborn baby daughter.

My daughter. God, even now, all these years later, there is still a part of me that finds that wonderful to say; I’m a father, I have a child in my life that, for now at least, I’m responsible for. I remember telling your mother that if I do absolutely nothing else right in my life, then I would make damned certain that my relationship with you would be different than the one that I had with your grandfather. I hope I’ve succeeded in that, I’ve certainly tried my best to.

I’ve encouraged you to have an active imagination, to read books, to be curious and to enjoy life. To my delight you’ve been more than willing to embrace everything that’s been offered. I’ve watched as you’ve played Pooh Sticks in the Hundred Acre Wood, faced the mighty Gruffalo and stood alongside the Aslan against the White Witch. And I absolutely love the fact that as a result, you want to learn, asking questions about EVERYTHING.

In its own way, Second Life has played a part in this too. On those times when I have held the door open and allowed you in to share my world, we’ve gone to explore places to feed your imagination and that sense of wonder that all children should have. We’ve walked through forests and fields of Calas Galadhon and sat atop the tallest towers of the Lost Gardens of Apollo. We’ve stood on faraway beaches and floated amongst distant stars. We’ve flown among the clouds on the back of dragons and we’ve even been the dragon. And all the time I’ve watched you, wide-eyed and consumed by insatiable, burning curiosity.

Along the way I’ve also learned something too about my life. That imagination don’t have to die just because you age, that the sense of wonder never really goes away & that some stories are still waiting to be told.

So Happy Birthday my darling.

And thank you.


AlexHayden Junibalya hails from the United Kingdom. As well as being a doting parent, he tries his very best not to live up to the perceived reputation of the English as ‘stuffy and repressed’. When he is logged into Second Life, he’ll either be off exploring, sticking his nose into everything and having a great time in the process, rearranging the furniture on his Island Home at Benares or hiding in his croft in the Scottish Highlands, trying to learn to build and hoping the end result doesn’t come out as a plywood cube. He also likes to write the odd thought at


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    very beautiful

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