September 12th, 2010: Cyclic Gearz – Cont’d

In 5 months, exactly to the day; I will turn 24. It really doesn’t feel like I will be that old, I keep thinking I’m still 18 or 19; there’s no way anyone would let me be an adult – right?

I’m just a young whipper-snapper to some, but I am of the firm belief that age is just a number. I mean, I know a fair few people in SL who are old enough to know better, and some who are more mature than most, but younger than myself.

When people say things in reply to some life discussion I’m having – like ‘Oh, you’re only 23’ it annoys me. Not just because of the obvious belittlement, but because of the assumption that my age is related to my life experience. I left home at 15. I barely spent much of my teenage and adult life at home. I worked my arse off throughout that timespan just to be able to eat and have a roof over my head.

I’m 23 now, and I am catching up for that lost childhood, when I should have been finding out who I was, rather than having to be an adult, way before my time.

I choose to get older, but I choose to never grow up – there’s no place in the world for misery, and certainly no place in my life for it. Every day for me has laughter in it, be it mine or my partners. Why waste your life being miserable, when you can laugh about things and die happy?


Cyclic Gearz still lives with her future husband in their quaint little flat in the East Midlands, UK. She currently spends most of her time trying to make things in SL, taking photographs or studying equine related things. She blogs at both and and has a store blog shared with her friend Jacq here:

Cyclic’s previous post was on May 7th, 2010.


6 Responses to “September 12th, 2010: Cyclic Gearz – Cont’d”

  1. Thorgal Says:

    “Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional…”

    It’s been my motto for years now, and apart from some people confusing not growing up with acting immature all the time I think I have could have done worse…

    Great blog, and I love the last line of your text!

  2. Jemmie Says:

    So much truth to your post <3

  3. xXBryonyXx Says:

    A great post! Childlike is so different from childish. It’s great to view the world with wonder like a child does! Thank you!

  4. Beulah Mills Says:

    This post shows a why I love you. I am proud to be your friend in SL and RL. You are amazing, strong and smart.

  5. isle lunasea Says:

    You are awesome <3

  6. kesseret Says:

    I consider you a very wise person, regardless of age.
    Thank you for sharing.

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