September 14th, 2010: Ashe Anthony – Cont’d

Image by Flickr user Trey Ratcliff, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 license

3 days from today marks an anniversary. That day, 5 months ago, I made a big leap and stepped out of my comfort zone. I moved into Dork Street. Dork Street is a place in SL where you have neighbors all around you that are friendly. I have always been a solitary person who always lived in a skybox above where I was renting previously. I was always there, never really spoke to any inworld friends because I’m too shy to IM them for having a fear of disturbing them.

At the time I moved in, I was unsure where I was going in RL. I knew that school was falling apart for me, and I tried to run from this reality until it all crumbled a few weeks later. I was sure that no one wanted to know the truth, because it was shameful. Adding on to that, I agreed to move into a place with people that I was vaguely familiar with in SL. I started to doubt myself for actually wanting to do this.

During my time here, I have to say how surprised I was able to quickly become attached to them and have them as a light to my SL and also, RL. I still have my days when I feel like a loser, because of how school fell apart, but I am always reminded by various people that I shouldn’t let a circumstance define me.

I have been given ideas on how to change things in life from amazing people, and also have the company of these people to my left, right, front, and back. As I slowly work to get back up again, I know that I wouldn’t have as many people kicking me down, and that I can do things right this time. I have a sense of direction for RL now, the only factor is time. I’m so thankful for living where I live, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Ashe Anthony is somewhat of a student in RL, who still resides in Maryland. In SL, she blogs on The Freebie Telegraph and on her own blog, Everyday Ash, and also spends her time either trying to build, decorate, sort, or just talking to friends.

Ashe’s previous post was on May 3rd, 2010.


5 Responses to “September 14th, 2010: Ashe Anthony – Cont’d”

  1. Meila Solo Says:

    Ashe! I am so glad we are neighbors and friends. ♥

  2. Anastasia Trefusis Says:

    We are so glad to have you in our community. You are an amazing person too. ♥

  3. Litzi Xue Says:

    <3 Very sweet Ashe. Glad DS has become such a happy thing for you :D

  4. Black and white. | Everyday Ash Says:

    […] the way, I wrote another 2365 on friendship, and life here. Also, the links for Ohmai are different, one is for the mainstore that doesn’t have […]

  5. thebunnygirl Says:

    Dork Street is awesome. :)

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