September 17th, 2010: Jordan Whitt

Its a glorious spring day, my birthday …and my boyfriend bought me a mammoth! Without a doubt that would have to be the most awesome birthday present I have ever received! Now I just need a Sloth and Sabre-Tooth Tiger and we can play Ice Age in the yard of our home.

This is for him…

I live in hope
And want you more and more with each passing day
Until you eclipse all other wants, needs and desires I ever thought were important
Until there is only you
Shining before me like some Shangri-La
My own personal Eden where I wish to remain and spend my days
Locked in the comfort of your embrace
To love and be loved
To feel the tender touch of your hand
To wipe the tear from your eye
To feel the warmth of your body as we hold each other
Dancing in the sand
Swimming in the stars
Taking joy and comfort from each other
And needing nothing more in life but the other
You for me and me for you
A circle

Thank you for helping me believe again.

And to all the other nutjobs in my SLife… I couldn’t get through the day without all of you. I love your faces!


Jordan Whitt is Editor in Chief of ICON Lifestyle Magazine and a complusive blogger. She is a self-professed nutjob who is addicted to Sn@tch, tiaras, buying hair and poking her finger in bellybuttons.


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