September 23rd, 2010: Asthenia Pinazzo

I’ve been stressing for days now, what to write here. I signed up for this because I enjoyed the posts of others and thought to myself: “Hey I want to do that too!” It’s only after I signed up that I realised I’m not much of a writer, nor a very open person. Oopsie… So writing about me and my day was going to be hard. But then inspiration hit me. Almost literally.

I was driving alone tonight through a little thunderstorm, and I think it was the first time ever for me driving through a storm like that. The lightning lit up the sky beautifully as I passed the open fields (Okay, maybe I was a teeeeeeeensy bit scared during the first two flashes of lightning, but after that it got pretty, really).

And that’s the beauty about life. A little, unexpected surprise like that can turn an ordinary day into a fabulous day. Don’t let any day be just ordinary. You don’t know if you’ll get a new chance tomorrow.


Asthenia Pinazzo is just another SL resident, logging in from Belgium, pretty pretty Belgium. Never too serious, but always enjoying life.


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