September 25th, 2010: Emarose Starflare

Today is my day!

How exhilarating that sounds!  Twenty-four hours that belong to me, to turn my thoughts into a semi-cohesive diary to share with the metaverse.  As great as that sounds, it’s also scary.  I think as I was growing up I flunked social interaction 101 so writing today is going to take me outside my comfort zone and that scares me a lot.

I woke up this morning to the warm autumn sunshine streaming in my skylight. I love early autumn.  Crisp, cool nights and warm, sunny days.

I got myself out of bed, put the coffee on, and flipped on the laptop to read my SL fashion blogs before logging in. With my first cup of coffee in hand, I brought up SL and woke my virtual self up as well.  Once I got out of my PJs and bunny slippers, I TP’d over to a friend’s to have coffee and figure out what to do today.  I decided maybe today I would get some actual RL housework done… yeah right. Today turned out to be just what it always turns out to be, a day to hang out. It always amazes me what beauty can come from the way someone looks at something not so special and sees the possibilities that exist within it.  That’s what keeps me coming back to SL… possibilities.  Today if I want I can wiggle my nose and go to a Disney-like sim to play, go swimming with the dolphins or hang out in my garden smelling flowers. Tomorrow is soon enough for chores.

I did get a little housework done.  Dishes got washed, the living room got picked up and I fixed my spiral staircase in my virtual home for the hundredth time.  I went to a fashion show, played some backgammon, danced my patootie off and had a wonderful day.

Hmm, did I avoid talking about myself?  Yeah, I think this looks good.  I didn’t have to share myself too much this time.  I’m working on that, and every now and again a piece of me slips out into the metaverse, making my Second Life a little more entwined with my first life.


Emarose Starflare lives in the northeastern part of the US with her fabulous daughter and her furry dog friend.  She doesn’t own any virtual businesses and she doesn’t write any fabulous blogs.  What she does do is hang out with friends and has fun whether it’s in RL or SL.  She’s quiet and reserved but once you break through her shell, she has a wicked sense of humor and makes a wonderful friend.


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