September 26th, 2010: Lily Grantham

I’ve written this twice now… because I can’t really decide whether I want to share why this day’s so important to me or not. Today I wake up like any other day, crawl out of my bed, dress and sit down to switch on my laptop ready to check my emails, Flickr, etc. Today is Sunday for me so I’m kinda grumpy knowing that tomorrow is Monday and I have a whole week ahead of me before I can just chill again. I always get kinda crabby on a Sunday. It’s funny because as I sit here and do my normal everyday “internet duties” I guess you could call them… I wonder whether I should even log into SL. I’ve been wondering this a lot lately.. I’ve made some mistakes in the past couple of months and hurt those I was close to so I really only log in to take pics or wander around on my own. Some might call me a rude, some might call me a snob but I just enjoy being a loner. Sometimes I feel like it’s easier that way… don’t get close to anyone it saves both me hurting someone or being hurt myself.

I guess you could say I’m one of those people who wears her heart on her sleeve and lays it out on the table only to be messed around with. Lately it’s happened to me a lot.

Today will just be like any other Sunday for me… but 4 years ago today was the day we buried my father and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past it. I saw him go from such a strong loving father to being so small and fragile lying in a hospital bed. That’s one image I’ll never get out of my mind. I suffered and probably still do suffer from depression.. the thing is I don’t want sympathy I just always wanted understanding and I’m finding that in SL… no one can truly understand.


Lily Grantham does a bit of everything in SL, from taking pictures to making clothes, blogging when she feels inspired and basically just wandering around. In RL she resides in Adelaide, Australia working a normal job and living in a normal house… with dreams of soon being able to travel the world.


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