September 27th, 2010: Suti Capalini – Cont’d

Today was an ordinary day, therefore, this will be an ordinary post. I woke up late, and got to my World Literature class two minutes late. I made a 94 on the paper I wrote about life and death theories of Gilgamesh and Sumerian culture. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that my professor underlined a sentence in my paper and wrote “awkward” next to it. What’s awkward is that I got an ‘A’ on a paper that took me an hour to write.

I went home, had lunch at an Asian restaurant with my brother, then fantasized about my role in a silent movie my friend will be directing this weekend. Then I went to work at a place that I’ve started to detest because of its contribution to obesity in this world. Chili’s. I’m pulling some strings to see if I can get hired at Whole Foods.
My SL work is a lot more fun than my RL one at the moment. I started building houses recently, and I’ve been itching to build a fourth, but school, work, and parties have taken a big chunk of my free time recently. It’s a lot of fun. I think I like the name of it most, though. Set Home To Here. I love shit like that.

I wish this post had some more sentimental meat to it. Truth is, I’ve already met the people that matter to me most in both worlds, so I can’t talk about how good it feels to finally be loved. I’m not depressed, either, so I can’t really talk about how I’m only a thread away from losing my mind.

I’m a struggling college student that wastes all his money on coffee, clothes and organic food, and appreciates the people he’s had by his side all along. My clothes tend to walk away when I drink, and I tell my boyfriend Nezha how much I love him far too often than I thought I would ever.

I think my professor should have just underlined my name and wrote “awkward” next to it and left it at that.


Suti Capalini is the owner of Glitterati Gay Poses and Set Home To Here. He is a photographer, builder, and a Go-Go at Club Nine. He is a  twenty years old college student with Advertising as his major, and a brother among four boys. He came from deep southern Texas. He still has a semi unhealthy obsession for Heidi Montag.

Suti’s previous post was on August 14th, 2010.


One Response to “September 27th, 2010: Suti Capalini – Cont’d”

  1. Kaz Nayar Says:

    This was a good post, I like that you did a little walk through of your day. Well done.. and nice picture!

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