September 28th, 2010: Audra Graves – Cont’d

Today has been many things.

Today has been better than yesterday. Today is my 1 month with my wonderful Girlfriend. Today is 1 month til my 23rd Birthday. Today I remembered my nana who has been gone for 5 months and 4 days today. Today I didn’t get to get my Permit. Today I took both my dogs for a walk in the wonderful weather. Today I did Laundry. Today I haven’t been hired yet.

Today I had a little leaders meeting at Oceanside Elementary school. Today I played with my sister and her friends and my momma and daddy. Today I went hair Shopping, worked on my pose store, and even helped my best friends look for a horse!

Slowly but surely my life is changing and without SL I wouldn’t be where I was. I made the most wonderful friends and family who taught me and pointed things out to help me!

Today was day one in becoming a better me.

I’ll cross my fingers!


Audra Graves continues to play a 5-year-old girl with a wild imagination in SL. She spends most of her time with her family and friends and working on her Pose Store SMALL Poses. In RL she is 22 going on 23 and living in the east coast with her family hoping someone will hire her so she can move to the west coast.

Audra’s previous post was on June 11th, 2010.


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