October 1st, 2010: Jared Silverweb

I had originally chosen this date to write here because it was my Granddad’s birthday, he died years ago but at this time of year I always take a few minutes to think of him. He taught me how to play chess and instilled in me a love of boats. He was a good man, and I wanted to grow up to be just like him.

I couldn’t be just like him though, because I’m not a boy. One of the wonderful things about SL is that we can be anything we want, and I wanted so much to be that man I could have grown into. I would have been the charming, distinguished gentleman, made of strong moral fibre and a keen lover of the natural world. The danger of living that fantasy though is that it’s so immersive the real world can become quite forgotten. Not to mention that although it is a truth it is not the truth.

Quite recently this alternative reality of mine was broken by real life events and the avatar supposed to write this piece, Jared Silverweb, was deleted. He has been replaced by another, one much more reflective of my real self, because I have never intended to be anything but myself.

I have learned a lot in my time in SL, a lot about myself I never would have otherwise. This virtual world opens us up to so many different ideas and viewpoints, in ways that my own quite closeted real life could not have. I am thankful for it and for the beautiful people who share it with me.


Jared Silverweb (Now Artemis Myrtle) is a 30-something Scotswoman who dreams of writing a classic novel, living on a self-sufficient farm and sailing around the world. In SL she enjoys photography, fashion, friends and the occasional attempt at building.


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