October 2nd, 2010: Danial Guisse

My life is pretty ordinary; it’s been ordinary for quite some time. It wasn’t always like this though, I’ve had my tough moments in life. My life isn’t all roses, as much as I love my life now and I don’t think I could change it. The part that’s missing from my life is my Father, now as much as I don’t mind him not being in my life or not having anything to do with him at all sometimes I just wonder what it’d be like to have a Dad who is there, now when I say that if I spent the rest of my life without a father I’d be more than happy too.

It’s just sometimes, especially in September/October because it’s his birthday and for some reason I just tend to think more of him around then and then the rest of the year it’s been fine, I’ve had a stepfather but that was more awful having one then not, because he was quite physically and mentally abusive to not just me, but to my 2 brothers and my mother but I won’t get into all that, because it’s hard for me too. I’ve been having panic attacks for the last 2 years over that whole situation, and been seeing counsellors and changed countless meds but I’m happy to say I’m much better and my anxiety levels are back to where they should be, most of the time.

Second Life has been a good outlet for me, to just relax and escape a fair amount and right now SL is quite fun, because I’m starting to dip my finger in furniture and I’m having fun with that. But SL was much more than just fun to me about a year ago, it was a place to escape from all my anxiety. Now not so much, I tend to enjoy my life much more.


Danial Guisse is a 19 year old guy from Sydney, Australia living with his 2 brothers and his mother. He is the eldest. He blogs at danialguisse.com and is starting to build furniture and wanting to open a furniture store in SL in the near future. He also does photography when I feel like it, and does commissions now and again.


3 Responses to “October 2nd, 2010: Danial Guisse”

  1. twothreesixfive | Danial Guisse Says:

    […] not a fashion post promise there is one coming but I just submitted my Two Three Six Five post, and its now on the website! So go check it out This entry was posted in SL, Site. Bookmark the […]

  2. Sophia Harlow Says:

    You are so utterly sweet …I wish I could just wave some magic wand and make everything perfect for you. I am glad that you feel so much better about things…that makes me very happy!

    Your father has no idea what he is missing out on…none.

    I love you!


  3. Ashoka Says:


    Weve shared so many things about our lives, and Im glad that you were able to share these things with so many. Ive watched you in sl for many years, weve had our tears and lols together. Im soo proud too see how you have grown into a really amazing guy. Even though Im not on sl as much your still in my heart. Your father has no idea what an amazing son he has, and it always gives me motivation to know that my bestie has taken hardships and spinned them into positive things. Your a great example to others. Youll do great things! Love ya Damn Aussie…xxoxoxoxo Crazy American

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