October 3rd, 2010: JMB Balogh

Today, for the first time, I’m having lunch in RL with the person who brought me into SL more than three years ago.   We both belong to an international group of RL bloggers and he invited us all to come to a celebration on his SL airship.

Now how can people in different parts of the world be together in the same room at the same time other than in the virtual world?

It was a brilliant idea!  There was just one teeny problem.  He was the only one involved in SL.  However he provided us all with detailed instructions on how to enroll and urged us to explore it beforehand.

Now I’m game for anything so I signed up and since I blog as JMB I chose that as my first name so they would recognize me.

The event was formal and in those days newbies had a limited choice of avatars, featuring system hair and clothes.  With those sliders I laboriously created a formal outfit and new red hair.   Unfortunately the avatar I had chosen came with a beanie on her head, but I had no idea how to remove it, so that’s how I went.

It was great fun to meet and “speak” with these people in real time, even dance with them, but when we left SL that day, for most it was never to return.

But something intrigued me enough to stay. My friend found me a mentor, gave me a grace and favour apartment, along with a $2000 cash infusion and I’ve been here ever since.

Now I don’t own a club or design clothes or build or script or do anything at all useful in Second Life.   I’m just a dilettante who enjoys the beauty which others create and record it with SL photography. I do like to play dress-up and my maw of an inventory, 87,000 and still counting, provides plenty of scope.

Hmmm.  JMB as a Victorian George Sand perhaps.   Yes, she did dress as a man and smoke in public!

I don’t think we will have any trouble finding topics of conversation today.   Second Life: an endless source of fascination for us both.


JMB Balogh, retired from hospital pharmacy, is an expat Aussie who lives in Vancouver, Canada where she spends way too much time online and in Second Life.  Who said retirement was easy?  Yes, she did enjoy lunch with the expat British lawyer from Shanghai.


2 Responses to “October 3rd, 2010: JMB Balogh”

  1. Scarlot Verrazzano Says:

    Very nice post, JMB!! I love the fact that in SL we can meet soo many wonderful people from all over the world. I, myself, have friends from Canada, Scotland, Austrailia, and others like myself from the USA. It is such a great and important outlet!! So Happy that we became friends!! *hugs* Scarlot

  2. Katey Zeplin Says:

    Great post JMB. I think it’s wondeful that you finally met the guy who brought you to SL in the flesh and you had a great lunch.
    You have always been a great friend to me from our first meeting way back when I visited you at your cabin and walked all over your furniture lol ….and for that I thank you :)
    Hugs xxx

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