October 5th, 2010: Aurelia Lionheart

Aurelia Lionheart was rezzed on December 18th 2008, during a period of serious RL depression.

I was skeptical at first. I had seen many friends’ lives being taken over by Second Life and some making drastic changes to their RL. But I had nothing to lose. I had moved back in with my parents, had a boyfriend who lived a three-hour drive away and when I came back home from work I was usually bored. My RL was kind of non-existent, except for the couple of hours I spent with my lover during the weekends.

For the first few weeks of Aurelia’s Second Life, nothing interesting happened. She tried to make a living by stripping in a freelance strip club and was happy with every linden she got. She did not really need much. She was happy with everything that was a freebie. Then she met a guy. He turned out to be a fraud and what he had done kind of took the fun out of the game for a while. She found some new fun after a short period of inactivity with a new guy and by working at some prestigious strip clubs, making good money, doing a total make-over and buying her own skybox.

Then I got pregnant and moved in with the guy that lived 3 hours away. Suddenly the whole “I have to be on SL all the time and work hard to buy everything Aurelia needs” wasn’t important anymore. I did not feel like making Aurelia dance and emote her butt off for hours and hours day in and day out. And when my son was born I had a good talk with my partner who had also become an SL resident. I wanted to give up Aurelia’s skybox (she never was there anyway) and put up a club instead.  A club for the sake of hanging out with friends and having a good time and not about making Lindens.  And so I/she did.

Both Aurelia and I now live the lives we want. We are happy, content, feel loved and make the best out of both worlds.


Aurelia Lionheart runs a live music & karaoke venue called The Noob. In real life she is a stay at home mom and lives in the northern part of the Netherlands with her boyfriend, their son, lots of pets and every other weekend her two stepchildren. She has two blogs, one for her venue and one with adult content, twitters about everyday RL and SL life and is addicted to hunts and the Second Life Market Place. She also likes to sing at Karaoke events and act really silly. Her RL partner also is a resident of SL but has his own SL life and friends.


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