October 7th, 2010: Flutter Memel

This day started out quite nice. Just few minutes after midnight I got my first birthday wishes. I know that choosing your birthday to write a Three Six Five post is a bit tacky, but I swear, this day wasn’t extraordinary. Or maybe it was?

I woke up with no big plans or hopes. All my so-called ‘real life’ friends (and there are not that many of them I must admit) have gone to universities now and I feel a bit lonely again. I still have lots of time on my hands now, so what do I do then? Log on, of course.

What did I do? Worked –coughs– a whole 30 minutes. Procrastinated. Then procrastinated even more, this time with a friend, with whom I had very a nice and very uplifting conversation. I told this friend that I love her, for the first time. I don’t say that very often.

Somewhere in between all this I did some usual things, like checking blogs, endlessly browsing tumblr and plurking too much. There also were some unusual things like ‘Happy Birthday’s from so many people that I still feel butterflies and finding someone who, like me, likes randomly yelling ‘P****’ (erm, word for male’s body part).
I read some books, I watched TV, I spent a nice and relaxing time with my mom, I laughed a lot and almost cried a few times. I pushed away all the stress that I was struggling with for the past few months. Now it’s past 2AM and here I am, writing this post. I think it was a very good day.

It was nothing more than a normal day. Except it was my 21st birthday, I’ve told someone ‘I love you’ and I’ve realized how important SL became to me. I always try to prove I could live without it. Now I think I couldn’t. Not because it lets me be creative in so many different ways daily, but because of people. You make it all so special. Friends, fellow plurkers and customers who send me so lovely offlines from time to time.

And with this emotional accent we made it to the end of the day/post. I hope your day was even nicer!


Flutter Memel is a part-time student (so she has lots of time to procrastinate) of comparative literature, professional time waster, book worm and most lovely mean person you could ever meet. In SL she owns a store called flowey. and is working now on opening her 2nd store and also lovely bazaar place (/end of shameless self-promotion). She often plays mean girl, has her own ‘die in a fire’ list and profile pic that says ‘look at that slut, i hope she dies’ but is really a lovely and shy person.


3 Responses to “October 7th, 2010: Flutter Memel”

  1. Hallie Galli Says:

    You forgot to mention pretty also…ILY <3

  2. Isa Says:

    Sounds like you had a great birthday! Hope the year is filled with wonderful things! <3

  3. Bella Baroque Says:

    Aw, Flutterface, I heart you even more now. This was a wonderful entry. Thanks for letting us in and I’m glad your birthday was just as lovely as you are. <3

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