October 10th, 2010: Crap Mariner


Many years ago, my family took a trip to Washington, and we toured the Air and Space Museum.

Off in a corner, the Charles and Ray Eames film “Powers Of Ten” played in a loop.

I watched it zoom out from the man on the blanket out into the universe, and then shrink down to quantum mysteries 3 times before my family wondered where I was.

Would I be a scientist?
Would I be an astronomer?

No, I am neither of those. I never did follow those dreams.

Instead, I came away with something more valuable: a sense of perspective.


Please take a moment today and watch the Eames movie today on Powers Of Ten Day (10/10/10) at powersoften.com. Perhaps it will offer you some perspective in this atmosphere of drama, rumor, and confusion.

Even though you may feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, a brief speck in the cosmos, you are a giant when measured at the scale of the still-unfathomable microscopic.


Crap Mariner administers a few islands, writes a few stories every so often, offers a shoulder to lean or cry on when needed (sometimes both at once), and hunts bullies for sport.


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