October 8th, 2010: Meara Deschanel

When I was offered the opportunity to write for the Two Three Six Five Project, my first thought of course was “Sure!” My next thought however was, “What the hell am I going to write about?” See, I don’t think I’m particularly interesting. I tend to be sort of quiet, and I keep to myself most days. I have very few acquaintances and even fewer friends. And I spend most of my time either hanging out at my SL home, shopping alone, or hanging out at The Pampered Pet Company – the store I manage for my dear friend Callie.

My SLife wasn’t always this quiet and uneventful. A few years ago I used to blog quite a bit, both on my personal blog and on my fashion snark blog. I was part of a popular group of friends that held weekly events. I got to do some modeling, and had a big Plurk friends list. But my SLife got too stressful, too full of drama, and I ended up leaving SL for a year and a half. It was a tough decision to make, but it was also the right one. I needed a break from the drama, negativity and stress I was being surrounded by.

I came back a few months ago though, and things are so much different this time around. My friends list has been pared down drastically. I don’t blog nearly as much as I used to. If I’m not spending time with my boyfriend or Callie, then I’m usually by myself. And I like it! I like having this quiet, uneventful SLife. I spend a lot of time helping Callie with various projects, or working on The Pampered Pet Company. Our latest pet project involves working with breedable horses. Matching up horse breeds, birthing new foals, working with other breeders, building accessories like fencing and horse stalls, selling horses we’ve raised – it might sound silly, but I find it a lot of fun! And shouldn’t that be the point? To have fun? I certainly think so, and I’m definitely having more fun now than I’d ever thought I could!


Meara Deschanel is the manager for The Pampered Pet Company, one of the organizers for the 10-10-10 event, and occasionally a personal assistant to caLLie cLine. She’s been in SL for nearly 4 years now and never ceases to be amazed at residents’ ability to design, build and create. In her “first life” Meara lives in Southern California and is a single mom to a special needs child.


One Response to “October 8th, 2010: Meara Deschanel”

  1. callie cline Says:

    you’re amazing and a wonderful friend and i’m so happy you came back to SL… you were dearly and sorely missed. :)

    i wanna be you when i grow up :)

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