October 9th, 2010: Sierra Sugar


Autumn. A time where the shortening days are marked by rustling of bright yellow, golden orange and vibrant red leaves as they fall from trees. A time of change. It’s October, and life all around me is changing. Earth reminds us of her infinite wisdom not merely by the change in temperature but with visual cues of color and light. The wax and wane of each day mimics that of the seasons telling the story of life. The rising sun, the repeat of each season, reminds us that life goes on.

Three years ago today I lost someone I loved. He was an incredible man with the ability to make anyone smile and the talent to make me blush instantly. We met in SL. We met in RL. Our love crossed both worlds; and then he was taken away.

One year ago my mother lost a battle with Cancer. There was no funeral, no viewing, just a celebration of her life and that we were blessed to have been part of it. Over the two years prior to her death she reminded me that life is for the living. She told me regularly that I could not bury myself with the love that I lost. She hoped openly that one day my heart would feel the joy of love again. She was a confidant and friend, but more importantly she was the mother I both needed and loved.

Today is Autumn. Today there is change. Today I do not cry tears of regret or loss, but rather smile at so many beautiful memories. Today I am thankful for every experience life has given me, even those that hurt. Today I am loved and in love once again. Today someone has reawakened my heart, as he has everyday since we first met. Today, I look out my window and notice the change in sunlight, feel the cooling air, and remember my mother’s words.

A cool breeze from an open window touches my hair and I know those that I’ve lost are with me. They are reminding me to breathe, to smile, to laugh, to love, and to live. I am.


Sierra Sugar (http://sierrasugar.blogspot.com/), born and raised in Florida has spent 17 years in the medical field primarily in geriatrics.  She now works as a live-in caregiver providing care for a 91-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. She has a neurotic little 7-year-old “puppy” that brings her countless hours of joy and comfort. She has been a resident of SL for 5.5 years, is a DJ and makes animations for her shop eMOTIONS. Over the years SL has become an integral part of her RL. Friends she’s met there have crossed over to her RL, many of which she knows their full real names. They email, text, and talk on the phone outside of the virtual world. These same people are the ones she leaned on during times of loss. They held her up and helped her through some of the most difficult moments. And daily they make her smile and support her in her new-found joy and love. And to someone very special she sings, “I don’t want to miss a thing.”


5 Responses to “October 9th, 2010: Sierra Sugar”

  1. Lissa Pinion Says:

    HUGS Sie! *way cute bunny btw*

  2. Ashleigh Dickins Says:

    *hugs* Love you sweetie!!!

  3. Quench Says:

    Aww You are a beautiful person Sierra!!!
    Q lovs you!!!!

  4. Laura18 Streeter Says:

    what to say….
    Sierra is very special.
    Hugs you!♥

  5. christinedaffodil Says:

    So proud of you, Sie…and so happy for you too. We love you!

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