October 11th, 2010: Kristine Kristan

I wake up to Guster’s ‘Carol of the Meows’ at 6:50 am. While still in bed, I check my email on the phone. A friend request from a new Chilbo member that I will show around later to find a home. I drink tea this morning, not coffee. Strong Irish blend, I put some half and half in and call it breakfast. I think about what I will write today for this. I’m so out of practice. I used to blog, but even then it was never about myself. I open the laptop and log in. When I land in my virtual front yard, I hear sounds…not normal ambiance. Music. Not the stream. I track down the source from the sim where I live across the border into Chilbo proper and as I get closer I realize it’s a not-uncatchy loop singing about genitals. I laugh. I return the prims. I wander the familiar red sidewalks of the neighborhood. I visit the newest build, a temporary one for the weekend’s Imagine Festival. It feels like it’s always been there. Faux old growth via the magic of megaprim trees. The two times I stop and chat during the day are there. It’s a good space.

It’s a weird day. A holiday, but I go to work. A Rezday (not mine) but there’s no party – guest of honor is RL busy. There are two ghosted avatars in the sim. A lot seems off, I leave early from work. Dinner is more like a late lunch and it makes me sleepy so I take a rare afternoon nap that lasts for nearly 3 hours. I wake up. I type in this paragraph. I log in. I get an IM from the new Chilbo member. She already has a friend in the community and has found a place right next door. I help her move in and welcome her. Everything feels normal now.


Kristine Kristan is the Director of Operations of the Chilbo Community. She also builds things, is assistant to a rockstar, and appears in machinima. Her First Life counterpart lives in Fabulous Las Vegas with her genius husband and two cats.


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