October 13th, 2010: Christa Thespian

I remember the day I rezzed in like it was yesterday. I had just said goodbye to my younger brother. He was off for boot camp, he decided to join the United States Marine Corp and it was hard on all of us, especially me. I cried when I saw our van going in reverse from our driveway and make its way to the airport. As the car disappeared, I went back into my house and upstairs to my room to cry some more. I’d miss him but I had to move on, and so I did to Second Life.

I found Second Life through the Warner Bros. site in association with the show Gossip Girl, it looked like fun and so I joined. I was greeted by a moderator and in a strange new world yet I liked it, it was way more fun than I’d expected it would be.

It’s now been almost two years and I find that from the time I first joined until now it has been both very rewarding and not so rewarding.

I’ve made lots of friends in SL, and they know how important they are to me. Even though some of us have our ups and down from time to time they know how much I love and appreciate them. They know to that I’m the type of person that prides herself on her friends not just in RL but SL, and without them I doubt I’d be here as there was a time in my life (and sometimes it still happens) when I have thoughts of suicide. I’ve never been the thinnest or the most popular girl in school, so I was teased uncontrollably. I never found love since most of the boys didn’t like big girls but I had friends, and even now the friends I’ve made on SL have made me realize I am beautiful on the outside as well as in.

In the pic left to right: KelloTagnov GossipGirl, Hela Azalee, Mikalah Ravenheart, Me, and SarahBear18 GossipGirl. These people are very important to me in my SLife.


Christa Thespian is 26 years old living in Buffalo Grove, IL with her parents and her older brother and sister. She currently has a younger brother stationed in Okinawa and can’t wait for him to come home. In RL Christa is studying to be an Interior Designer and hopes to one day own her own firm. When she logs in you can usually find her at her house or working at Wicked Tattoos & Clothing as there live model. Christa also likes to shop and joke around with her friends and hang out with them when there not busy. She’s an aspiring SL model and works with many agencies, and we can’t forget about music; it’s one of the biggest things she’s into as well as making gestures from her favorite songs.


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