October 15th, 2010: Panther Miklos


Today seemingly began in a normal fashion.. up before the critters of the world, a scratch, a yawn, grab a hot cuppa, fire up the system and tie up hair.  Quick check of email, blogs and news.  A shake of the head or twelve at the blogrums – why must people be such grumps?   Wake up the twisted child, get us both clothed, out of the house and to work/school.  Today isn’t any normal Friday in October.  That just simply will not do.  Today is a day of celebration, a day of relief, a day of family.

Today begins the one year anniversary of a very long and harrowing emotional roller coaster ride my second family endured.  One year ago today, part of my adopted family started his trip to regaining life as he knew it, back from that little devil inside his head.

During those weeks, I learned of strength in family.  Of quiet strength, of shared fears and outright jubilation.  At the end of the first leg of that journey, knowing that the two people who seem to proudly state that I am their adopted daughter….. They were home, they were fine and we were all going to be fine.  If there was ever a wish for the ability to jump through a screen, I wished to be able to bear hug the both of them tighter than they’d ever been hugged.

So, this morning I began the day with a leap of heart, a heartfelt thanks to the heavens, an inner thank you for both of my families – for the lab who brought us together, and the doofiest ever grin plastered on my face for the duration of the day.  I will celebrate with my second family after the football game – and bore them with all the little details of same – to which they will smile, laugh and tolerate their odd, twisted adopted youngster.  Today is October 15th which used to begin a week of birthday celebration for my siblings and I – but this year, I celebrate life itself and the stumbling into a second family that is ever so real to me.


Panther Miklos has dabbled in a wide variety of things in-world.  Settled on none and prefers to spend time hanging with her family/friends, enjoying the wide variety of musical artists and just plain being a goofball in attempt to bring a little bit of laughter and joy to others days.  In first life, she’s a proud mama, a proud Aggie and every bit as nutty as she appears.  And yes… Pluto IS a planet.  I hail from there and I dare ya to say otherwise!


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