October 17th, 2010: Mainit Hellman


I have always kept my feelings or stuff that’s happend in my life to myself or close friends so this is a new experience for me. I was supposed to move to Las Vegas for a fresh start. Things fell through… quick! The day before I was supposed to leave, my friend who I considered family let me know this wasn’t going to happen. I had no place to stay! When she called, emotions I had never experienced happened all at once. Fear, anger and disappointment. I wanted to cry, yell, laugh at the same time. I didn’t know what I should be expressing within those few moments once she hung up.

I couldn’t get my job back… my boss tried everything! I spent 5 weeks looking for work and as the weeks passed by I started losing hope. I distance myself from my family because they showed no support. Everything was adding up and I was freaking out because I didnt know what I could do. I finally found work much to my relief. After three months I finally started seeing the light out of the tunnel. Having my SL family and close friends supporting me was such a comfort, while I closed myself off from my RL family.

The feeling of not having any money, no job, and no support is probably the most scariest feeling I have experienced. I know a lot of people have been through this but I never pictured it for myself. I learned the scary feeling of not being able to find work even after attending school and having to get a minimum wage job to get back on my feet.

I learned a lot through this experience about myself and others. I really am glad to be back on my own feet working, knowing that I can buy food and supplies with my own money again. In the future I know I will plan and follow my gut instinct. I can look back at this year and see what I been through, learned and endured and appreciate what I have learnt about myself and about true friends and family who really are there for you when it matters the most.


Mainit Hellman is the Owner of Baustein, creates furniture and prefabs, in RL he just turned 24 on Oct. 15th. He is working two jobs at the moment, and is a Massage therapist. Born in Germany, he has been living in Maine since 2002.


3 Responses to “October 17th, 2010: Mainit Hellman”

  1. Stephen Venkman Says:

    Life has so many tough lessons. You can be proud of the fact you have passed this test and are stronger for it.

  2. Summerkat Says:

    *HUG* You are very loved bro! <3 and yes life is about climbing up that hill! But the view is worth it in the end.

  3. Jennaa Says:

    <3 ya and so proud of how you handled the whole thing! I hope there is only good things ahead for you! :)

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