October 18th, 2010: Sileny Noel

I wanted to begin by posting what I was doing one year ago today and then compare that to what I am doing this moment.  Problem is, when looking back to see what I was doing last year it was pretty much the same as now.  I was blogging.  Surprise!  I felt a bit…disappointed.

I started thinking harder about what has changed in the past year.  In terms of Second Life really not much has changed; I still have a store, I still blog frequently, I still have amazing friends who stick with me even after I have completely insane emotional breakdowns.  Rather than feeling more down about things being the same, I began to feel very happy.  I have a store that has been around over a year!  I still enjoy blogging!  And, most important of all, I still have the same fantastic friends, not to mention even more great friends that I have gained.

I have left SL twice; once for nine months, once for about a month (though that time I stayed on an alt.)  I will never leave again.  My friends on SL are just as important to me as my RL friends.  Heck, in the times when my mental illness acts up and I get agoraphobic, my SL friends are *more* important than my RL friends since my SL friends help me get through it when I am too weak to ask anyone else for help.

I have decided that today, my one day out of 365 to say whatever I want in a space I am not generally allowed, I want to say that today I will spend making sure each and every person who has been here for me since last year or longer gets the love, attention and appreciation they deserve.  Believe me, they put up with a lot of crap being my friend and man do they deserve all the good the world can offer (or at least what I can!)


Sileny Noel is the owner of Mango, Mango! skins and a blogger on about 4,000 different sites (SL and RL.)  She makes music, paints and spends a lot of time with Coca-Cola and a Marlboro.  Other than her child, her friends mean more to her than anything else.


4 Responses to “October 18th, 2010: Sileny Noel”

  1. Ashe Anthony Says:

    Aww, I think it is great that you have great friends to lean on for a long time!

    You know how friends come and go, there must be a reason why they have not gone, and have continued to stay with you as a friend.
    I hope that this would continue for many years more.

  2. Teena Says:

    I’m proud to say i’ve been your friend for way over the last year and i love you and hope we stay friends even longer :)

  3. silver milneaux Says:

    hugs you tight sileny :) don’t leave agaaaain! :D

  4. Safeer Glendevon Says:

    You’re wonderful. Please be sure to remember that often. <3

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