October 19th, 2010: Grazia Horwitz

It’s 5 am and I roll over to snooze the alarm clock. By the time it starts for the second time, I’m up and looking at myself in the mirror in the bathroom, slowly shaking my head “You’re no 20 anymore, girl… ” After I’m showered and dressed, I feel a little better and I go downstairs to make breakfast and check my overnight messages and offlines. I log on briefly to SL and talk a couple of friends while I eat. Then I’m off for another day of work.

The academy is about a 2 hours drive away from home. It’s a temp job, but one of the most inspiring of the past 9 years working as an interim executive assistant. I start my work day with some tea and the mail and for a couple of minutes I enjoy the quiet of the building. Soon the lessons will start and my workspace will turn into a sound chaos. Jazz, classic, flamenco form the various studios. Teachers giving loud directions to the ballet students and upstairs a group of theatre students is doing vocal exercises for a warming up. When the sounds get too distracting, I close the door of my office and get my work done till it’s time to go home.

Traffic home is crazy again, but it gives me time to digest the day and “close” things. I grab a quick salad and since my love isn’t home, it’s time to log on to SL again and catch up with my friends, take pics and do work for the blog. I miss Hunain, who blogs with me. He has been ill for some time and only slowly is making his way back to SL. He’s one of those people who has become a true friend over time and fun to work with. I hope he’ll be back in full swing shortly. By the time it’s 9:30 pm I’m in bed again and when I turn off the lights, I’m happy that the worst part of my chronic depression seems to be finally conquered. Today was another pretty nice day over all.


Grazia Horwitz is a 40 year old living with her eternal fiancé north of Amsterdam (Netherlands). She’s a workaholic who learns to procrastinate, loves cooking pasta and hates ironing. In SL she blogs, creates poses for her shop GEEZ (when inspiration strikes) and feels socially awkward among her bubbly SL and Plurk friends.


2 Responses to “October 19th, 2010: Grazia Horwitz”

  1. Sophia Harlow Says:

    You forgot to mention that you are warm, loving and smell delicious all the time.

    Oh and those 20 year olds have nothing on you…

    Love to you. xo

  2. Starfire Silverstar Says:

    I second what Sophia says!!!
    and girlfriend….anyone that can actually wake up at 5am and roll out of bed before the snooze alarm rings has my deepest and sincerest respect and admiration!!! so kudos to you!!
    / / / /
    See ya in the Plurkiverse!!! MUWAH!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3

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