October 22nd, 2010: MaxPwr Spitteler


Today started pretty much the same as any other.  I woke early, and headed to the office. I spent my commute hoping that today’s workday would end after 8 hours instead of 12, for a change.  It’s 5:30 pm as I finally get an opportunity to jot down some thoughts for this entry.

About four years ago, I found myself working ridiculous hours and my social life was, for all intents and purposes, non-existent.  By the time I left the office most nights, my friends were already through winding down and were headed home.   I started to feel isolated, and was craving social interaction.  I turned to the net.  I started off in one virtual community (which my friends and I now refer to lovingly as “The Utherhole”) and later, through the urging of another friend, tried SL.  I was hooked immediately.

Over the years, I’ve taken breaks from SL, but I always come back.  It’s a medium that’s allowed me experiences I’d never have had otherwise; and the opportunity to meet people that I’d never get to meet under any other circumstances.  I always respond to anyone who says that SL takes you out of the world by saying, “It didn’t take me out of the world, it brought more of the world to me.”  I’ve got a best friend in Argentina, and something I never expected: a husband, from across the pond, whom I love dearly.  Today, October 22nd marks the third year since he awkwardly hit on me, and I awkwardly accepted his invitation to “give it a go”.  Today, our bond is as strong as any forged in the material world.  Truly a bit of my heart resides with him there, and though he may be British, he thinks “Yiddish”, letting me know I’ve touched him and his life too.  I’m off to England for my first visit with him in April, and when I sit and think about how this whole journey began, I have to laugh.  The terrible work hours I curse so often are probably most responsible for leading me to the happiness I celebrate on this day.

Well look at that.  It’s 6 pm, and I can leave.


MaxPwr Spitteler is 36.  He was born in, and spent most of his life in the great Borough of Brooklyn, New York City.  He currently resides in Queens with a psychotic cat and about 1 ton of electronic equipment he keeps breaking and never gets around to fixing.  Accountant in RL, raconteur and general slacker in SL. Unapologetically gay. Unapologetically Jewish. Unapologetically a ginormous Beyonce’ fan.  He enjoys long pointless conversations, snow, days off from work and re-runs of Buffy.


7 Responses to “October 22nd, 2010: MaxPwr Spitteler”

  1. Ashe Anthony Says:

    Aww, I’m so glad that you chose to do this. Reading this makes me feel like I know you a little bit better now :)
    Glad to have met you through Plurk, you are really one of a kind.

  2. DJ Shepherd Says:

    I was about to shut my PC down for the night but saw your Plurk and came and read this great post. I am so very happy for you and Harpo.. no I mean Hadoc! I love you guys!

    Love you guys,

  3. Boot Janus Says:

    I’m glad those long work hours brought you to SL or I would have missed out on a brilliant loving person with Annie Oakley quick draw wit! ;)

  4. Cole Delpiaz Says:

    Max…you are a breathe of fresh SL air. And its funny that we only really met through plurk and not SL. When I want a healthy dose of freestyle, assymetric hair, flamenco ladies, new jack swing and steve ‘silk’ hurley all while movin’ on up to the east side…i know i can count on you.

  5. Gareth Says:

    Deciding to go to “The Utherhole” helped me find my most favorite uncle in the whole wide world. My life would be totally different if I had never met you Max. Loved the entry and I love that I can be a part if what helps you appreciate the long work hours.

  6. ~~Sunshine~~ Says:

    I, for one, am happy that you found the “Utherhole” and that I was blessed to meet you there. Being one of the ones that coerced you to come into SL more and actually ‘update’ your avi was great too! Our SLives went in different directions and I was thrilled when I found out that you found someone special. We rediscovered each other on Plurk and again, I have spent tons of time laughing. Thank you for always being a bright part of my life and for being the friend that you are :) (cozy)

  7. Cricket Says:

    I’ve looked forward to your post because I really enjoy your outlook on life. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself! I’m glad to have “met” you on Plurk! I’m SO keeping you. *hugs*

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