October 23rd, 2010: Sunshine Zhangsun


It is mid-Autumn, a favorite time of the year…  As I look back, it was always a great time for my family – taking a drive to see the leaves change; huddling together for football; preparing for Harvest fest or Halloween; and even enjoying the less humid times outdoors.

My day today in RL has been a bit stress-filled…working tonight due to a system installation that was delayed from a previous date.  SL…well…is currently, just SL.

Today is the 13th Anniversary of the death of my father.  This is not meant to be a sad post, but because my dad was such an important part of my life, I wanted to take the opportunity to honor him and what he meant to me.

My dad lived a beautiful life.  He was a very awesome father, tremendous provider and loving husband.  He was not young when he died, and it was not totally unexpected… however, I was just plainly not ready.  My parents were together for nearly 46 years and we never heard them argue.  We had a happy family and I certainly have nothing to complain about or be dramatic over…sure we nearly lost him to heart disease when he was a young man, but we never lived with that fear through the following 27+ years.

My dad taught me so many things – to be fair, to love nature, how to find the man in the moon, about the special  moments that are just so simple.  After I moved out of their home, my dad would call me often and say “Look outside and see the moon?  Share the beauty with me…”

Apparently, I just assumed my dad would live forever – and you know what… he does!  He is alive in my heart and memories. I was blessed to have him for as many years as I did, and yes, I miss him.  But today, I honor my dad for being the man he was, and for loving my mom, my brothers and me wholeheartedly while wanting the best for us always.  Thank you, Dad…for being the gentleman you were and for being a special loving part of my life.


Sunshine Zhangsun was born and raised near the Tennessee River and spent many days and nights with her family enjoying the river and lakes of that area, always aware of  the “man in the moon” peering down upon her. She currently lives in Delaware and is a Senior Technology Project Manager for a banking operations division of a corporation for which she has worked over 25 years.  When she isn’t working, she enjoys her Second Life with many friends and her partner who make her feel special every day.  She and her SL partner of nearly 19 months have created and live on a beautiful estate, Sol Mañanero, offering surf and a beach for all.  When not with friends or her partner, Sunshine spends her time in Second Life taking and exhibiting photos, exploring the amazing creations, shopping and occasionally blogging on her blog, Sol Existence.


3 Responses to “October 23rd, 2010: Sunshine Zhangsun”

  1. Max Says:

    I can’t think of a more beautiful way to celebrate your Father’s life than by sharing those memories of him, and by sharing how those things have shaped your life even to this day. Much love to you (cozy)

  2. Brianna Vollmar Says:

    Beautiful picture and sentiment to go along with it :) Thank you so much for sharing :) *hugs*

  3. Honey Says:

    *hugs* Sunshine

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