October 26th, 2010: Sixx Yangtz


I woke up this morning like most morning. Spending at least 15-20 minutes in bed reflecting before I hit the day.

The past few months, I’ve found myself reflecting mostly on friends. I had a close friend all through elementary and up through high-school.  We did everything. It’s uncommon sometimes for guys to share feelings with each other, but we did. If guys could be soul mates, we were.  Long story short, my life changed and forced me to keep a strict schedule. My party days were over; I had to grow up fast while friends of my age were still enjoying their youth. He couldn’t understand that, we struggled and after several hurtful conversations, we went our own separate ways.  I miss him.

I think because of my strict schedule, I enjoy SL so much. It’s my fantasy world to let go.  It’s my outlet to relax and enjoy and be creative.

Along the way we make friends and sadly lose contact for whatever reason. What took most of my youth to have a friend and lose him in RL, usually happens in the span of 6 months or less in SL.  People come and go through our “list” all too quickly. Even sometimes those we think we trust and love and depend on the most.

Maybe it was just for a photo shoot and we never spoke again?  Maybe it was because we inspired each other?  Maybe we collaborated on some work and lost contact? For whatever reason, I am who I am because of the ‘friends’ I’ve met.  My only hope is that I had the same level of impact to them.

And what of those that have been removed or removed us? It hurts. Each time it’s done to me, reminds me of my HS friend, how much I’d love to talk to him again to catch up.   It’s so important to choose our words so carefully.  Sometimes we say and do things out of emotion or disappointment. Too many of us are too prideful and won’t admit to it, myself included. All I know is upon reflecting about it today, I’m going to try harder to let people know they are important.


Sixx Yangtz is a photographer/blogger and owner of ::siXX:: Designs. He is Superman to his daughter and she is his world.  He resides somewhere in Missouri and works full time in finance.


One Response to “October 26th, 2010: Sixx Yangtz”

  1. FionaRose Bartavelle Says:

    This is inspirational Sixx *hugs* nice knowing you on plurk :) you have always had good things to say and this 2365 is just as good :)

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