October 27th, 2010: Ayden Alchemi

I have been reading the Two Three Six Five blog for about three months now. About three weeks ago, I finally got the courage to apply to be an author. The significance of this date is that is it four days before my 19th birthday. My days are repetitive and boring so writing this a few days before my post date is accurate for the actual day. I work, I come home, and then I log into second life.

I have been in second life since December of 2008, having went through my share of drama, and being banned (as I was 17 when I made my first account).  I made Ayden Alchemi, stayed off the radar till I turned 18, age verified, and now legally enjoy my SLife.  I have friends, family, and much more now, and cherish everyone and everything. So now…Onwards to my life currently.

My day starts off with me going to work in real life, at McDonalds, It’s the nastiest job someone my age could have, but hey it’s a job, and a paycheck. I work for eight hours, come home, relax, get a bite to eat and log into second life. After going through a ton of IM’s, notices, and note cards, I check my friends list to see who is online, and then I either work or go hang with friends.

I own a store specializing in Gothic clothing, skins, pose props, etc. It’s still in its baby stages. I love making things, being the aspiring photographer/ graphic designer I am in real life, it’s a big love of mine. I hope to one day, be a full-fledged content creator, making hairs, sculpts, everything.

If I’m not making something for my store, I’m blogging, doing photography, or just relaxing and hanging out with friends. My friends and family are the core of my life, both in world and out.  Another reason second life has been such an amazing thing for me is, I have been able to be me…A Gay male, something I can’t be in real life or at least right now. I hope I didn’t just ramble about nothing.


Ayden Alchemi is a 19yr old southern boy livin’ in West Virginia. He blogs, does photography, and will soon be starting college to pursue a career in photography and graphic design.  Ayden is single and hoping to come out of the closet soon. Till then he will be FIERCE AND FABULOUS in second life.


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