October 28th, 2010: Daire Aeon

One of our many cats, Pudd’n, passed away on this date.  He was at least 12 years old, a feral cat that was neutered at a very young age, as all of our cats.  He was a slender cat and probably a very fast runner.   We nicknamed him the “long haul trucker” because when he was younger he would be gone for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.  Then he would show up unexpectedly and hang around with the other cats for a short while before taking off again.

A few years back we noticed he started to hang with “Papa Cat”.  Papa Cat was a tough ol’ alley fight’n cat that was getting on in age.    They were buddies. After Papa Cat passed away Pudd’n hung out with Stubby.  At times you would also see him sleeping on the bench (usually with Tex) under the awning in the rear yard.  He was a good cat who was not mischievous; kept to himself.  I think he appreciated my wife for being there and providing a safe haven for him all of these years, even though he always kept his distance.

On the day he passed away we saw him that morning in the foyer by the front door and again later in the family room.  During the afternoon, my wife heard a cat meowing in our rear yard.  She found Pudd’n laying on the patio under some plants experiencing difficulty in breathing.  She was able to put him in a cat carrier and drive him to the vet where they discovered he had cancer.  He could hardly breathe or move.  We put him to sleep.  My wife spread his remains in our back yard, his home, where he use to hang with his buddies when he wasn’t long haul truck’n.


Daire Aeon resides in Southern California. In SL he enjoys  traveling about  meeting people, seeing different  things, dabbling in photo and abstract art, building and at times just being “innocently” mischievous. One of his favorite RL quotes is from Leo Aikman, “You can tell more about a person by what they say about others than you can by what others say about them.”


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