October 30th, 2010: sblair GossipGirl – Cont’d

Today started off with me waking up with someone peeing all over the bed I was lying in… So things could only honestly get worse from there correct? WRONG! I mean if you had told me one of the best days would start off with some sicko peeing in what he thought was the bathroom, I probably hit you on the head.

Anyway, after the R.Kelly incident I took the train home and I found 40 dollars, and the camera I had been looking ages for. It made me wonder about things being lost and found. If something is lost isn’t it only a matter of time before its found? It may not be found by the person who lost it but isn’t finding something exciting in its own right? I think so! OK, enough with the philosophy, after arriving home I was greeted by my mother and the one of the men I considered to be my hero: Alberto. Alberto was the man that took my sisters and I in after we entered foster care. He has been the one to show me how to hammer a nail, shave and how to pick up ladies (Though the last one really was a waste of time…) I was able to spend hours talking to this man and we were able to relive some of the most epic times in my life. I saw myself going into a vault of emotions that I closed shut for many years and I couldn’t at the time believe I was allowing myself to smile, laugh and feel good about times that had haunted me for ages. I think with each passing day we find ourselves growing and loving ourselves more than we had prior.

This day, week, year has been one for growth, laughter and fond memories.


sblair GossipGirl is a blogger, shopping addict and the owner of the newly opened Sblur!

sblair’s previous post was on August 5th, 2010.


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