November 3rd, 2010: Bren Betts

Image by Flickr user Suti Capalini, used with permission.

It’s raining today, it’s rather cold and grey outside and I cannot stop myself from smiling because I truly love this kind of weather. I’ve stolen a few minutes from the chaos that is my Wednesday afternoon and sat down to type this up. I truly wanted this account to be from this day’s perspective. I suppose on the grand scheme of things this day isn’t fascinating or intriguing from anyone’s point of view. The pattern of rain fall is changing from light to hard as I stare outside my front door only to have my attention brought back to the TV. A rerun of “barefoot contessa” is on and my mind starts to drift off about what I’ll make for dinner tonight and then I’m back to the numerous laundry baskets and clutter around my living room.  I really need to put all this folded laundry away.

I’m always trying to catch up on something or bring order to the chaos that is my life. Sadly, I think it’s a losing battle but as I sit at my desk and write this out I have to take a moment and smile. I’m sure we could all find the negative and truly bleak points in life and while my life is nowhere near perfect; I realize I’m happy. I’m blessed to have a life of interests and talents and friends and family that I could never imagine my life without.

Well over a year ago my life both second and first was just like the weather today. Cold and grey. That was a dark and depressing time. Break ups and drama can really hinder your perspective on things. However I realize now, my life both in-world and out are good. I’m happy and I enjoy what I have in both lives. Sure, like anyone else I complain about random things. But I can tell you I’m happy and content with both lives. That in itself.. well that can make any ordinary day; extraordinary.


Bren Betts is twenty-four and lives in Kentucky where he works as an Account Specialist. In SL, he’s a Club Deejay (among other things) where he works at Fierce Nightclub, Club IX and Boystown.  He’s blessed to have a life where his friends and family in both worlds are blended into harmony.


4 Responses to “November 3rd, 2010: Bren Betts”

  1. Suti Capalini Says:

    <33 Great post, Bren.

  2. Divos Titanium Says:

    Agreed. Awesome post. You are extraordinary, Mr. Betts. Among other things . . . :D

  3. ~~Sunshine~~ Says:

    <3 Great post, Boo… hugssssss you!

  4. Tyler Ethaniel Says:

    Loved it Bren!!!! and thank you for sharing a bit more about you through this, and you remind me of me especially about the laundry part! lol <3's u

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